Performance in Web

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I read an important page from MicroStrategy that explains certain steps to improve performance in web using WebLogic.

Today, I’m sharing this page with you:

I hope it helps.

God bless you!

MicroStrategy Dataset Connector

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Microstrategy has a nice article showing how to fetch reports or cubes from another project or environment.

If you want to take a look at the article, please refer to the link below:

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God bless you!

Creating a dynamic constant metric using prompts

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Sometimes we need to create a constant to compare some numbers with this constants.



And in this case, this constant can be changed by the user.

To create a dynamic constant you can use this simple example:

  1. Create a numeric prompt and name it as promptTest
  2. Create a derived metric as Constant Metric in your report like:Max(?[promptTest]) {~+}
  3. Create the case metric like this: case(profit < [Constant Metric], 1,0)

Now you have a dynamic constant prompt metric.

I hope it helps.

God bless you

Try MicroStrategy Dossier for free

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If you want to test MicroStrategy Dossier, MicroStrategy provided a web server that you can use to create some dossier dashboards.

You just need to enter this url:

User: guest


*The PWD is blank.

Hope it helps!

God bless you!

Subtotal on top in VI 10

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Today let’s talk about a quick tip: “How to move the grid subtotal to top in Visual Insight 10”.

In version 9.x we couldn’t display the subtotal on top but in version 10 it is quite simple.

To change the subtotal position you just have to:

  1. Click on the header of a column and select Subtotal. Choose the proper subtotal that fits your needs;
  2. Scroll the grid all the way down until you see the total and then right click on it and select “Move to top”;




I hope it helps.

God bless you!