How to get the components with your custom CSS code

Hello there,

Today, let me show you a quick way to get the components in the HTML and use it in your CSS custom code.

The easiest way is to use Google Chrome, right click on the component and use INSPECT.

Once you are inspecting the component, try to find code where the component begins.To do it, mouse over the DIVs and check where it highlights in the document. Find the first node and keep going down until you find the first DIV with a “k” property.

When you find it, copy its value and you can refer to this component using a CSS code like this:

div[k=W6B9C3207D3764C09A234024F4CEFF5B0] {
display: none !important;

Now you can format this element using the a CSS code within your HTML Container.

I hope it helps.

God bless you!

Conditional Formatting for all components

Hello there,

Everybody knows that we can’t add a conditional formatting for grids/graphs or panel stacks, for example.

I’ve found a way to do it!

The solution is pretty simple. Add an HTML container, insert your CSS to customize the components and then you use a conditional formatting in the HTML Container to hide it based on a specific condition.

What it does is, if the HTML Container is visible, it applies the CSS, if not, it doesn’t.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Creating a shell script to manage the IS service

Hello there,

Today a quick tip that can help to manage the IS if it is down.

To do that, just create a new file .sh with these lines:

output=`/opt/MicroStrategy/bin/mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer gs` #use your path

if [ `echo $output | grep -c “run” ` -gt 0 ]; then check=1; else check=0; fi
if [ $check -eq 0 ]; then
if [ `echo $output | grep -c “stopped” ` -gt 0 ] || [ `echo $output | grep -c “terminated” ` -gt 0 ]; then
/opt/MicroStrategy/bin/mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start #use your path

Save the file and make sure to change it to an executable file:

chmod +x

Where filename is the name that you used above.

Now, make sure to schedule it using crontab or other scheduler tool.

Hope it helps

God bless you

Changing the value format of several metrics at the same time

Hello there,

Have you ever needed to change the formatting of several metrics to Percentage, for example? It’s a tedious process and it can be painful.

Hopefully there is a way to change them all with just a few clicks:

  1. Go to MSTR Developer;
  2. Click on Tools -> Find and Replace…
  3. Select “Metric formatting”
  4. Select the metrics using the search
  5. Click Update Summary
  6. Check: Set the formatting properties individually
  7. Check Metric Values
  8. Click Formatting
  9. Format your metrics accordingly

Hope it helps.

God bless you

Creating alias for commonly used command lines in Unix

Hello there,

Today another quick tip. If you are like me that is typing the same shell command over and over, there is a way to create alias so it will make your lifer easier.

Let’s say that you have to start the Intelligence Server every day… (for some reason). To do that you would have to type this command:

$ ./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start

But, you can create an alias for that and instead of writing that line, you can just type: startI

To do that, you just have to:

  1. Open your shell in Unix
  2. Type: alias startI=’./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start’

Now, just type: startI and it will be translate into the start command shown above.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Adding a Long Prompt option

Hello there,

Do you know that we have a Long prompt option for the Value prompt? Yes, we have it, but it’s hidden. Today let’s show you how to enable this prompt.

You just have to:

  1. Open MicroStrategy Developer;
  2. Go to Tools -> My Preferences -> General -> Prompts -> Check “Add long prompts to the list of available value prompts”

Now when you create a new prompt and select Value Prompt, you will have this new option:

Hope it helps.

God bless you