Hide permanently the “Metrics” column for MicroStrategy Web

Hello there ! Today let's talk about removing the "Metric" column forever in MicroStrategy Web !!! I always have to remove the extra column (web only) for every grid that I create in MicroStrategy, because I just don't like seeing that there. But sometimes is very boring doing that everytime that I create a new report or grid... Continue Reading →

Using Burst with Distribution Service

Hello there! Let's talk about a great feature that is included with the Distribution Service. If you don't know, Distribution Service is the delivery option that you can use to send documents and reports to folders, email, printers and even send push notifications to mobile devices. MicroStrategy has discontinued NarrowCast Server, the older brother of Distribution Service, to add this... Continue Reading →

Splitting attribute element into different sheets in Excel

Hi there, today I'm going to talk about splitting in different sheets your attribute elements when you export your document to MS Excel. To do this trick, you just need to: 1. Add your attribute in the Grouping area like image 1 below: 2. Right click on the attribute and choose Grouping Properties... 3. Check Sheet break between groups  ... Continue Reading →

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