Microstrategy Mobile Manual Back Button

Hello there!

URL API can do a lot of cool things in Web and even in Mobile environment. One of that is the possibility to create a manual back button that goes to the last report/document that the user was executing.

That’s a very easy thing to do, just:

1. Create text, right click on it and choose “Edit Links…” option.

2. In Navigate to this URL, type:


That’s it. Now you can go back to the previous report/document using this object.

You can use this feature in every object that is able to use Hyperlinks.

I hope it helps.

God bless you.

5 thoughts on “Microstrategy Mobile Manual Back Button

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  2. André Carvalho


    Do you can help me?
    If the last report/document had prompts or filter, the back button keeps the same parameters when use the back button?


    1. Felipe Vilela Post author

      Hi André,

      Yes I can help you. If you use this mobile back link, MSTR Mobile will maintain the answer of your prompt. You can use that to do what intend to do.
      Best regards,

      Felipe Vilela



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