Cool URL API events for MicroStrategy Mobile

Hello there!

I’ve already spoke about how to create a manual back button in MicroStrategy Mobile, and now I am going to talk about more cool events that we can create using URL API for Mobile. To do all those examples below you just have to create a link in an image or textfield, for example, and insert the URL of the example in the “Navigate to URL” field.

1. Email a screenshot of document

With this event, you can create a screenshot of your panel and send it using the email from Mobile devices automatically.

Just use this url below:


You can change the subject of the email just changing the &emailSubject parameter value.

2. Display an Information Window

You can use grid/graphs to open an information window to show more info about that specific element that you have tapped. But sometimes you want to display a help information window just tapping an image or text.

You can do it using this url below:


You just have to change the &panelName parameter value to use your panel stack information window name. You can see the name of the panel with a right click on your panel stack -> Properties and formatting -> General -> And then copy the Name field value.

3. Re-prompt a document

Sometimes users don’t know how to re-prompt a document, that filter button isn’t that intuitive, and now, you can create your own re-prompt button!

Just use this URL below:


That’s it for now.

Hope it helps.

God bless you.

3 thoughts on “Cool URL API events for MicroStrategy Mobile

  1. Abhishek

    2. Display an Information Window
    its not working in microstrategy web or i am unable to do it.
    i gave event id and panel name so error accured ‘valid document id’
    i gave that also , and then it starts new error that is reopen that document only. please help.


    1. Felipe Vilela Post author

      Hi there. You can only use that urls in MicroStrategy mobile. In web you have different urls. I will make a post about that to teach you how to do some of this thing for MicroStrategy Web, ok?



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