Purge Microstrategy Web Cache

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about caches in Microstrategy Web.

Sometimes when you change something in Intelligence Server, Narrowcast Server or even in Web Server you don’t see the changes in Microstrategy Web.

You can force Microstrategy Web to reread the property files in the classpath.

To do that you have to use Web Administrator.

If you use IIS (Internet Information Service), you have to enter this URL:


Where WebServerNameOrIP is the IP or DNS your server. Just change to the correct one.

If you use Web Universal (J2EE):


Where AppServerName:port is the Server and Port of your Web Server.

When you open this URL, you will see something like this:


Just check those options, and MicroStrategy Web will purge all system level caches.

Hope it helps.

God bless you

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