Top 7 Announcements in MicroStrategy World – Barcelona 2014 by Len OToole

Hello there!

Today I am just copying and pasting what my Len O’Toole told in his Linkedin account. He wrote wonderfully about his most exciting announcements in MicroStrategy World Barcelona 2014. He writes a lot of good stuff, I encourage you to read his feed from his Linkedin account.

So, here is what he wrote:


  1. Visual Insight – Reborn In HTML 5The current Adobe Flash based Visual Data Discovery tool has matured greatly over the past few releases. The good news is that in a future release it will be completely replaced with a browser friendly HTML 5 version. Demos of the product were quite impressive and I am really looking forward to deploying this tool to my Self Service Users. They are going to love this package of awesomeness.
  2. MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop tool coming to a MAC near youWhen it comes to MAC users, MicroStrategy products never worked well with MAC. Thankfully, things are about to change with the announcement that the MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop tool will soon work with your MAC.
  3. MicroStrategy Web ArchitectThis was a really cool announcement for me personally. A new Architect product that uses HTML 5 is in the works. The tool will allow MicroStrategy Architects to perform much of their architecting tasks without the need for the thick-client Desktop / Developer tool. One notable feature is “Low Level Object Locking”. Now, rather than locking the whole schema for editing, a minimal amount of objects will be locked. For a multi-architect environment, this will be an outstanding feature. The object creation UI has also been re-worked. Setting up Tables, Facts & Attributes is much more intuitive, allowing super rapid data model configuration.
  4. Operations Manager – A Unified Administrative InterfaceAlthough currently available for MicroStrategy Cloud only – the plan is to bring this to on premise installations in the future. The tool allows MicroStrategy Administrators to have a Unified Administrator Interface that will allow everything related to your MicroStrategy environment to be viewed and controlled from a single location.
  5. Enhanced Enterprise Manager Functionality comingEnterprise Manager has been re-architected to improve statistics data loads. The pre-canned Enterprise Manager Dashboards have also been upgraded and there will also be a bunch of new MicroStrategy Mobile BI App statistics available to monitor within the tool.
  6. Distribution ServicesNew features (from Narrowcast) – Burst to Email – FTP Delivery. This continues the journey to transfer of features from the old Narrowcast tool to the newer Distribution Services tool.
  7. Integration with “R”MicroStrategy “R” Integration looks pretty cool indeed. Analysts can literally create a new metric on a grid report, copy / paste an R Script in to the Metric Expression Editor and finally drop the Metric on the grid report. That’s it – Simple as it gets. Run the report and you’ll see your statistical R Metric just like any other metric. In addition, MicroStrategy has also released a bunch of pre-canned “R’ scripts to their R “Scripts shelf” out on CodePlex. Anyone can access the Scripts Shelf and use the scripts in their own metrics.


I just want to add one more thing in this list, that is about Windows Phone! Yes! MicroStrategy has announced that they will create a native Windows Phone MicroStrategy Mobile app! That’s awesome!


So, that’s it for today!

God bless you!

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