Hidding data labels in a graph

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about how to display only specific values for data labels in graphs.

Let’s go!

1. Create a new report with Year and Cost using Web:


2. Switch to graph:


3. Run your report. Go to Data->Advance Threshold Editor:


4. Create a new Threshold for Cost using Year = 2010:


5. Click on Cell formatting… (pic1)button. Format the number to Custom and use this value:

“[>0] ”

You have to type a space after the square brackets and remove the double “. So, if must be something like this

[>0]            <- Remove to type 1 space after everything


6. Apply the threshold. Now you won’t see the data label for 2010.


That’s it.

Hope it helps!


God bless you!

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