iOS crashing Intelligence Server

Hello there!

Today I will talk about a serious problem that I had with MicroStrategy 9.3.1 and the later version of MicroStrategy 9.4.1 iOS update 4.

I was collecting statistics for mobile in every project that I had. So, the problem is the combination of MicroStrategy 9.3.1, MicroStrategy 9.4.1 iOS update 4 and Enterprise Manager collecting mobile statistics.

When any user using iPhone or iPad tried to connect to a project, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server crashed…

To solve this problem you have to update to MicroStrategy 9.4.1 or do a workaround.

Edit the project configuration of all projects that you have, go to statistics and uncheck mobile clients (mobile clients manipulations and mobile clients location).


Restart your Intelligence Server and it will be good!

Hope it helps!

God bless you!

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