Exporting Windows System DSNs

Hello there!

Today I’m going to teach you how to backup System DSNs.

When you migrate MicroStrategy to a new machine, for example, you have to recreate all system DSNs that you had in the old machine to MicroStrategy connect to DWs and Metadata databases.

If you have a lot of DSNs configured, it could be boring create one-by-one again.

To make it easier, you can backup the System DSNs and import it to the new machines.

To do that you just have to:

1. Click Start -> Run -> type: regedit




3. Select ODBC.INI and click “File” and then Export.


Save in a known place and paste this reg file in the new machine.

Open regedit again and click on File -> Import. Choose your .reg file and every DSN that you had will be created in target machine.


That’s it.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

2 thoughts on “Exporting Windows System DSNs

  1. Len

    Great #hack Felipe – Although, it always scares me every time I have to do anything with the Windows Registry. Might be prudent to take a backup of the full registry prior to doing this. Otherwise, what a great time saver !! Thanks for sharing.



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