Adding Outline mode to a Document in DHTML mode

Hello there!

My friend Edmar Machado sent me a cool hack to enable Outline mode in documents using Interactive Mode!

To make it works, you just have to:

1-  Edit the file styleCatalog.xml in Microstrategy Web:

For IIS: C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Web-Inf\XML\styleCatalog.xml

For Tomcat: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\MicroStrategy\WEB-INF\xml

Note that this is the default installation folder. You might have installed in a different folder.

2- Search for the style ReportOutlineModeStyle_forRW 

3- Inside this style, look for staticOutlineMode

4- Change the value parameter to False

<Style description="Style: Display Grid in outline mode within RWD"
 name="ReportOutlineModeStyle_forRW" transform="ReportOutlineModeTransform">
 <ActualParameter name="iframeEnabled" type="4"
 value="true" />
 <ActualParameter name="generateJSForDrillCheckBoxesForIncFetch"
 type="4" value="false" />
 <ActualParameter name="staticOutlineMode" type="4"
 value="false" />
 <ActualParameter name="showDescriptionAsTooltip"
 type="2" source="preference" value="showDescriptionAsTooltip" />
 <ActualParameter name="showSubtitle" type="1"
 source="preference" value="showSubtitle" />
 <ActualParameter name="useImagesForOutlineMode"
 type="4" source="preference" value="useImagesForOutlineMode" />
 <ActualParameter name="contextMenus" type="1"
 value="/WEB-INF/xml/config/reportCellContextMenus.xml" />
 <ActualParameter name="drillRetainParent" type="1"
 source="preference" value="drillRetainParent" />
 <ActualParameter name="drillRetainThresholds" type="1"
 source="preference" value="drillRetainThresholds" />
 <ActualParameter name="advancedDrillingContextMenuDisplay"
 type="2" value="2" />
 <ActualParameter name="sortSetNamesAndDrillPaths"
 type="4" source="preference" value="sortSetNamesAndDrillPaths" />
 <ActualParameter name="groupContextMenuDrillPathsByType"
 type="4" source="preference" value="groupContextMenuDrillPathsByType" />
 <Layout layout_source="AppLayoutSourceFile" order="1"><![CDATA[/WEB-INF/xml/layouts/ReportGridOnlyLayout.xml]]></Layout>

5- Restart your Web Server

Now you will be able to use Outline in Interactive mode!



Hope it helps!
God bless you!

13 thoughts on “Adding Outline mode to a Document in DHTML mode

  1. Damian

    Nice stuff. Thx it was really helpfull. I have still one more question, do You have any idea how to keep child/lower level elements collapsed by default? This would mean that in your example You would see only year when running dashboard with plus sign to expand.


      1. Damian

        You have in mind options available in developer right? I’ve tried that, unfortunately it’s not affecting dashboard grid. I’ve checked both standard grid based on report with outline set to collapse and also I’ve set this grid as a shortcut to report. Both give me no results, I mean collapse all doesn’t work. I’ve also tried to change some lines in XML but I have rather small experience in such modifications so I was playing with it very gently and it give me nothing. I think option is very nice, and can be useful in some scenarios. In my case I’ll give my client choice it’s better then saying NO 🙂
        Thx Again


  2. aa

    Hi! This is very helpfull, so thank you!! But, using IE (Microsoft internet Explorer) as Browser, we can’t see it in interactive mode. So only appears (+) sing when using Miscrostrategy in “Edit Mode”. Why could it be?

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Jane

    This is great – Any idea how to also have it export in outline mode in Excel? I can get the grid to export in outline mode just not the grid within a document. Thanks again for posting this.



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