Color graphs

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about a quick fix while colorizing a graph. When you try to specify the colors of the bars in a horizontal bar graph, for example, it doesn’t change to those selected colors.

Let reproduce to problem.

1- Create a new report with Year and Cost;


2- Create a document using this report as dataset and create a Vertical Bar Graph;


3- Change the color mode to “Color by Categories“;


4- Change the color of the graph to Apex;


5- Run your document and you will see that your graph didn’t get those selected colors;


So, to make it works, you have to:

1- Change the color mode to “Color By Series“;


2- Edit your graph in Desktop/Developer and choose “Set Series by Row“;


Now when you run your document, you will see that it got the selected colors.



Hope it helps!


God bless you!

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