Hello there!

Sometimes when you receive an error of OutOfMemory while attempting to execute reports or you just execute a huge report using IIS (Internet Information Service). This error message is something like this:

Java.lang.OutOfMemory in MicroStrategy Web

To fix this problem you have to increase the Max Java Heap for MicroStrategy Web.

You just have to:

1. Click Start button (Windows);

2. Select: Execute;

3. Write: regedit

4. Browse:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\MicroStrategy\JNI Bridge 64\Configuration\JVM Options\

5. Double click on the registry: HeapMaxSize

6. Change the default value to something greater. 
Mine was 512M, I increased to 6144M that is: 1024 * 6 = 6GB RAM for max heap size.

Always use number with a M at the end without spaces. 

Restart your IIS and you will be good.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

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