Using JBoss in Unix

Hello there!

Today let’s talk a little bit about using the Web Server JBoss to deploy our MicroStrategy Web/Mobile applications.

MicroStrategy supports JBoss 6.0.1 running on Windows/Unix environments.

To make it works on Unix, you just have to install it as usually and deploy your MicroStrategy war files inside your standalone or domain folders. You can also use the \server\default\deploy folder to deploy your files, if you have this path.

I had some problems using war files in domain folder… So I usually use the standalone folder to deploy the applications.

You will see a deployments (or \server\default\deploy folder )folder inside standalone folder, that is the place where you need to deploy your applications.

MicroStrategy recommends to unzip the war file and use the folder instead of deploying the compressed war file.

In Unix, you can follow these procedures to deploy your application (remember to be inside your deployments folder) :

1. Rename your MicroStrategy.war to MicroStrategyCompressed.war, for example:

# mv MicroStrategy.war MicroStrategyCompressed.war

2. Create a new folder using “MicroStrategy.war” name (you must use the .war at the end of the folder name);

# mkdir MicroStrategy.war

3. Move your MicroStrategyCompressed.war to this MicroStrategy.war folder;

# mv MicroStrategyCompressed MicroStrategy.war/

4. Open this directory;

# cd MicroStrategy.war 

5. Unzip the MicroStrategyCompressed.war file

# unzip MicroStrategyCompressed.war 

6. You can remove your MicroStrategyCompressed.war file

# rm MicroStrategyCompressed.war 

7. Go to back the previous folder and create a .dodeploy file like this:

# cd .. ; vi MicroStrategy.war.dodeploy

8. When VI opens this new file “MicroStrategy.war.dodeploy” you just have to insert the MicroStrategy.war in the first line:

# (type i to begin writting and write:) MicroStrategy.war

9. Save your file using hitting ESC button and write:

# :x

That’s right 😡 and hit ENTER

Now you have just deployed your MicroStrategy Web! To deploy folders, you have create a new file using the same name of the folder plus .dodeploy at the end. Remember to use the .war at the end of the folder’s name.

Just repeat these steps with your MicroStrategyMobile.war.

Using a folder is better, because inside your .war file there is a sys_defaults.xml file that contains every configuration that you create using Web Administrator.

JBoss always redeploys your war files, so you will have to redo these steps every time that you stop and start your JBoss Web Server.

Remember to create your users and create your and files to be able to use your Web Administrator.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to comment and ask your question.

Hope it helps!

God bless you!

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