Dynamic File Name with Attributes in Distribution Service

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about how to rename a Distribution Service generated file using a Dynamic name.

If you have already configured a Burst Distribution Service subscription, you can name each file using the elements from attributes in Page-By of your report.

To do that you just have to:

1. Create a new report with at least 1 attribute in the page-by section;


2. Open MicroStrategy Web and create a new File Subscription;


3. Chose a Location and click on Burst… button. After that, select all attributes that you want to Burst;


4. In “File Name” write:

{[Year]@[Desc]} – {[Category]@[Desc]}


5. Click Ok and open the location defined. You will see all Bursted files with the specific names as the example shows below:


That’s it. You just have to use the name of the attribute plus the attribute form like this: {[Name of the attribute]@[Attribute Form]} and you will create dynamic file names for your subscription.

Hope it helps

God bless you!

2 Replies to “Dynamic File Name with Attributes in Distribution Service”

  1. Is it possible in an Email subscription to have Bursting attributes in the file name? For example, users with security filter [Region = South] will receive a pdf file named as [South_03_16_2015].pdf while users with security filter [Region = Web] will receive a pdf file named as [Web_03_16_2015].pdf?


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