Custom VI Graph

Hello there! In MicroStrategy 10 you will be able to include new graphs using JavaScript graphs, like: D3J, HighCharts, etc. You just have to insert the folder that contains your graph in the plugins folder of your Microstrategy Web. Here is a custom graph that you can download and put in that folder. MstrVisD3BubbleChart Hope …

A list of VLDBs

Hello there! Here is a list of TNs for DB VLDBs: Oracle 11g: SQL Server HP NeoView Sybase IQ DB2 Hope it helps! God bless you!

Microstrategy 9.4.1 Hotfix 8 cluster issue

Hello there! Microstrategy has announced a new hotfix for version 9.4.1. There is an issue in hotfix 8 that is described in this link: Microstrategy recommends that everyone that has hotfix 8 installed, install this new hotfix. God bless you!