10 cool features and enhancements in MicroStrategy 10.1

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about whats is new in MicroStrategy 10.1. Here is a list of 10 itens that I think is cool in this newest version:

1. There is only Presentation Mode and Editable Mode in MicroStrategy Web. You can’t select Interactive View, Flash and Express Mode anymore.


2. There is no more _interface plugin. So, a lot of MicroStrategy Web visualization problems must be corrected now.

3. You can use Usher as an authentication mode.

4. Autostyles were remade. They are much better now!


5. All objects that can be created in Web are in the Create button now.


6. You can reuse VI Dashboard in documents. So, you can insert a new Layout and put your VI dashboard inside this new layout in a document.

7. MicroStrategy remade selectors. You will see that: sliders, metric sliders and calendar are much better now!

8. Now, in the dynamic date filter, you can select Quarterly.


9. You can find Dependents in MicroStrategy Web, just like MicroStrategy Developer.


10. There is a recently viewed option. It displays what you were viewing. When you mouseover a dahboard, it gives you a preview of it.



That’s it. Hope you liked.

God bless you!

4 thoughts on “10 cool features and enhancements in MicroStrategy 10.1

  1. Cynthia Wagner

    First, I love this blog! Is there a way to subscribe via email, if I don’t use WordPress?

    Second, I love this post, too. 🙂 We’ve installed 10.1 GA and are currently putting it through its paces in our testing cycle, but several of these are news to me. I’ll be sure to share with my team at BMC.

    While some were probably born in-house at MicroStrategy, most of these new features were the result of customer-requested enhancements. I’m proud to say that we (BMC) pushed hard for enhancements #8 and 9 through the Early Adopter cycle and the Ideas Exchange, and MicroStrategy delivered. So I encourage MicroStrategy customers to take full advantage of the Idea Exchange, and also drive your highest priority items through your account team. They clearly value the feedback from their customers, and in our case the time investment to painstakingly document our requirements paid-off.


    1. Felipe Vilela Post author

      Hi Cynthia! Thank you for your words. You can subscribe to receive by email. Just click on subscribe and you will receive them by email. Thank you!



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