Index out of range in method ‘IDSSTemplateMetrics::Remove’…

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about an error that occurs sometimes while working with documents in MicroStrategy. 

This error: Index out of range in method ‘IDSSTemplateMetrics::Remove’… appears when you are trying to run a document and it doesn’t allows you to execute it. 

The problem happens when a component in your document gets an error. 

You will need to look for this component, remove it and recreate it. 

I always begin removing selectors. Remove all, run… If it is works, your problem is in a selector that you removed. Try to find which one or ones are occurring this error.  Remove it, and recreate it. 

If your error continues, start removing panel stacks, after that grid and then graphs. 

Remember to remove and recreate the components with problems. 

Hope it helps you. 

God bless you!

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