Monthly Archives: January 2016

HTML Container in MicroStrategy 10

Hello there!

I know that a lot of people are trying to use HTML Container with no success in version 10.

While using presentation mode there are a lot of tags and javascript functions that are not working properly.

I found a way to fix that issue. It’s not the best solution, because it changes the look and feel of MicroStrategy Web. But, at least it works.

You just have to:

  1. Go to preferences;
  2. Go to General and Dynamic HTML:
  3. Change the value to NO and save; pic1

Now you can test your HTML Containers.

Just let me know if that fixed all your issues with HTML Container.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Enterprise Manager for V.9x data beyond 2015

Hello there!

If you are experiencing some issues about collecting statistics beyond 2015 in your MicroStrategy v.9x, you must read this TN below:

God bless you!