Problems with MicroStrategy Mobile Connectivity? Fiddler can help you

Hello there, I found an excellent TN that explains a way to troubleshoot MicroStrategy Mobile connectivity issues. Just follow the steps described in this TN: Hope it helps! God bess you!

Calculate Derived metrics at the level of all attributes in the report objects

Hello there, I found an excellent TN that can save some time. Maybe you already have to create a derived metric that was calculate using all attribute that you have in the report objects and not in the grid and you couldn't find a way to do that. There is a hidden option that you …

Change the image layout map dynamically

Hello there, Today let's talk about how to change the image layout map dynamically. Let's imagine that we need to use 2 maps, one for US and another one for CA and you have a country selector that when you change the element to US, you want to see US map and the same for …

Using a “case” function multiple times

Hello there, Today a quick tip about how use the case MicroStrategy function multiple times. To do that you just have to: Create a metric Add an expression like this: Case(([metric] = 1),'true', ([metric] = 2), 'true', 'false') Blue: The condition Green: When the condition is true False: When the condition is false This way, you can …

More hands

Hello there, I'm very pleased to announce that the blog is going to have one more author. His name is Sandeep and you can find some info about him below: Sandeep Kumar HR Experience: 6 Years with BI Certification: CRD, CDMD, CPD, MCD Location: India Thank you for helping this blog, Sandeep. God bless you!

Technical Reviewer of the book Mastering Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

Hello there! I'm really glad to announce that I was a technical reviewer of the book: Mastering Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy. If you want to take a look at the book, you can see it here:   God bless you!