How to use JQuery in Presentation Mode (MicroStrategy 10)

Hello there, I was really sad when I upgraded to MicroStrategy 10 and I wasn't able to add JQuery to the dashboards anymore. But today I found a blog that found a way to do that!! Here goes the URL: I was trying to add the jsPDF library to export the dashboard and it did work.... Continue Reading →

Adding blank spaces to indent on MicroStrategy 10

Hello there, Today let's talk about how to add blank spaces for the descriptions of your attribute to display them as an hierarchy, just like this: Parent 1 Child 1 Child 2 Parent 2 Child 1 MicroStrategy 10 is trimming by default the blank spaces on the attribute while using grids when executing the dashboard on... Continue Reading →

Report Performance Tips

Hello there, I was searching for report performance and I found a nice post in this url: The user Omar V wrote some tips to help improving the report performance that you should try and see if those VLDB settings works for you. Hope it helps! God bless you

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