Adding blank spaces to indent on MicroStrategy 10

Hello there,

Today let’s talk about how to add blank spaces for the descriptions of your attribute to display them as an hierarchy, just like this:

Parent 1

Child 1

Child 2

Parent 2

Child 1

MicroStrategy 10 is trimming by default the blank spaces on the attribute while using grids when executing the dashboard on the presentation mode. In order to add blank spaces you have to:

  1. Add nbsp; for each blank space that you want to display. You have to do that on your table/column in your database. So, in your ETL process you will have to add something like this:

Parent 1

nbsp;nbsp;Child 1 (for 2 spaces)

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Child 2 (for 3 spaces)

Got it?

2. In MicroStrategy, when you are going to map this column as an attribute form, you just have to change the Form type to be like this:


Use HTML Tag instead of Text.

Just remember to add a SORT column in your table and map it on MicroStrategy in order to sort the descriptions correctly.

Now, when you open your dashboard using this attribute, you will see them with an indentation in the grids.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

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