Performance on Dashboards

Hello there! There are 2 very good TNs that talks about performance on dashboards. I'm sharing those with you guys. Below are the links:   Hope it helps! God bless you!

Exporting the document with the current selections

Hello there, Today I'll explain how to export the current document with the current selections. To export to PDF, you just have to create a hyperlink using: ASPx: Main.aspx?evt=3069&src=Main.aspx.3069&executionMode=3&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID} JSP: mstrWeb?evt=3069&src=mstrWeb.3069&executionMode=3&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID}   To export to Excel, you just have to use these urls: ASPx: Main.aspx?evt=3069&src=Main.aspx.3069&executionMode=4&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID} JSP: mstrWeb?evt=3069&src=mstrWeb.3069&executionMode=4&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID}   Hope it helps! God bless you!