Dropdown with multiple selections

Hello there,

Today I’m going to show a hack of  how to allow multiple selections using a dropdown.

Felipe César sent me that tip. Thank you, Felipe. I really appreciate that.

To create this dropdown you will need to:

  1. Create a Dropdown selector as usual;
  2. Right click on the selector and select Properties and formatting;
  3. Go the Layout and select from the DHTML style “Listbox” and check “Allow multiple selections”
  4. Go to Theme and select Light Theme
  5. Go back to Layout and select Dropdown
  6. Go back to Theme and select None
  7. Click OK and you will have something like this:

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

9 thoughts on “Dropdown with multiple selections

  1. Chaithra Praksh

    I tried this, it worked well in web,but I could not see multiple selections when I run the same dashboard in an Ipad.


  2. Sara

    Olá Felipe,

    eu estou a usar a versão 9.4.1 e não encontro a opção para escolher o tema e por isso não consigo passar do passo 3. É possível implementar esta solução na versão que estou a utilizar?
    Se sim, pode colocar imagens dos diferentes steps pf.




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