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How to get the components with your custom CSS code

Hello there,

Today, let me show you a quick way to get the components in the HTML and use it in your CSS custom code.

The easiest way is to use Google Chrome, right click on the component and use INSPECT.

Once you are inspecting the component, try to find code where the component begins.To do it, mouse over the DIVs and check where it highlights in the document. Find the first node and keep going down until you find the first DIV with a “k” property.

When you find it, copy its value and you can refer to this component using a CSS code like this:

div[k=W6B9C3207D3764C09A234024F4CEFF5B0] {
display: none !important;

Now you can format this element using the a CSS code within your HTML Container.

I hope it helps.

God bless you!