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Manual map in MicroStrategy architect

Hi there!

Do you know that is possible to map attributes in MicroStrategy Architect using “Manual Mapping“?

If you create attributes and facts, you know that is always a good idea to map new objects using Manual Mapping Method.


That’s because you may have columns that has the same name in different tables and MicroStrategy will add all those tables as forms definitions to your attribute.

If you create attributes using MicroStrategy Architect, the default mapping method used by it is Automatic.

There is a way to change that!

Just open MicroStrategy Architect, choose Hierarchy View, choose Design and click on this almost hidden button shown in the image below:


A window will appear and you need to uncheck the first option (Use automatic column mapping), like the image below:


That’s it! Now you can create new attributes without the Automatic Mapping Method in Architect!

Hope it helps!

God bless you.