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Dynamic File Name with Attributes in Distribution Service

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about how to rename a Distribution Service generated file using a Dynamic name.

If you have already configured a Burst Distribution Service subscription, you can name each file using the elements from attributes in Page-By of your report.

To do that you just have to:

1. Create a new report with at least 1 attribute in the page-by section;


2. Open MicroStrategy Web and create a new File Subscription;


3. Chose a Location and click on Burst… button. After that, select all attributes that you want to Burst;


4. In “File Name” write:

{[Year]@[Desc]} – {[Category]@[Desc]}


5. Click Ok and open the location defined. You will see all Bursted files with the specific names as the example shows below:


That’s it. You just have to use the name of the attribute plus the attribute form like this: {[Name of the attribute]@[Attribute Form]} and you will create dynamic file names for your subscription.

Hope it helps

God bless you!

Dynamic file name for Distribution Service

Hello there!

Today I’m going to talk about inserting a dynamic text for Distribution Service. There is a list of wildcards that you can use to improve your delivery.

You can insert this wildcards like this example below:


So, for this example, you would get a file name like this:


Here is the list of things that you can insert in your Input TextFields in Distribution Service:

 Bursting Attribute: {[Attribute Name]@[Attribute Form]}
 Date: %%Date%% or {&Date}
 Time: %%Time%% or {&Time}
 Recipient Name: %%RecipientName%% or {&RecipientName}
 User Login: {&UserLogin}
 Subscription Name: {&Subscription}
 Project Name: {&Project}
 Prompt N: {&Prompt#&}
 Content Name: {&ContentName}
 Content Details: {&ContentDetails}

Hope it helps.

God bless you.

Using Burst with Distribution Service

Hello there!

Let’s talk about a great feature that is included with the Distribution Service. If you don’t know, Distribution Service is the delivery option that you can use to send documents and reports to folders, email, printers and even send push notifications to mobile devices.

MicroStrategy has discontinued NarrowCast Server, the older brother of Distribution Service, to add this integrated solution. There are a lot of things that you still can’t do with Distribution Service and that the older one does.

But let’s talk about good features that are present in DS list, like Burst.

Burst is a cool feature that makes possible splitting each attribute element in the Grouping Area/Page-By of your document/report to a different file.

Let’s get it done!

1. Create a new report using MicroStrategy Tutorial project with Category, Subcategory and Profit in the report objects. Place Category in Page-By area, Subcategory in rows and Profit in Columns. Just like the image below:


2. Save it and place the mouse over the saved report using MicroStrategy Web and click on the Subscription button.


3. Add a new File Subscription.


4. Click on the Burst… button. Now you see a Select bursting criteria area that will list every attribute that is inside the Grouping/Page-By. Select Category attribute like the image below.


PS: Note that I’m using the User Selected Location for the Location field. You have to setup a folder to send the delivered files. To do this, just go to Developer -> login using Administrator -> go to Administration section -> Delivery Managers -> Devices -> Edit “User selected location” and choose a specific folder of you desire.


5. Click OK button, go to the destination folder and you will see a lot of files, one for each Category element.


I’m going to talk about how to change those files name in another post.

That’s it for today!

I hope it helps you.

God bless you.