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Integrating a KML/Shapefile with ESRI

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This is going to be a quick post. I just want to paste the TN that explains how to integrate a custom shape file to ESRI in MicroStrategy 9.4.1.

This is the link:

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Configuring ESRI in 9.4.1

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Today let’s talk about how to configure ESRI in Microstrategy 9.4.1.

MicroStrategy we can integrate ESRI to display information in a map using geocode data. For MicroStrategy 9.4.1, we can request a free ESRI license to MicroStrategy Support. For that, you just need to Open a case in and ask Microstrategy for that license.

There are 2 different ways to configure ESRI in 9.4.1, one for the default installation and with hotfix 1 and another one to hotfix 2 and above.

For 9.4.1 without hotfix and hotfix 1:

  1. Browse to locate ESRIconfig.xml file, that is located at:
    • For MicroStrategy Web ASP: …\MicroStrategy\Web Aspx \web-inf\xml\config\”esriconfig.xml”
    • For MicroStrategy Web JSP: …\MicroStrategy\web-inf\xml\config\”esriconfig”
  2. Enter your ESRI license key into the configuration file as shown below:
 <apps><key><![CDATA[0000000001b8a27e2e3719006999bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]]></key></apps>  <webmaps>        <webmap id=“5fac74d8e7924e169afddddddddddd” default=“true” />     </webmaps>  </ec>

Re-start the Web Server for the key to take effect.

For 9.4.1 with hotfix 2 and above:

  1. If the ESRI key has been requested go to step 3,
  2. If using existing key, copy it from the file located in [Web Server Location]\WEB-INF\xml\config\esriConfig.xml


  1. <apps>
  2. <key><![CDATA[000000000dddccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx00]]></key>
  3. </apps>
  1. Manually create a folder structure in [Web Server Location]\plugins\ConnectorForESRIMap\WEB-INF\xml\config
  2. Download the esriConfig.xml file included below:


  1. Open this esriConfig file and add the key copied from step 1
  1. <ec>
  2. <apps>
  3. <key>[copied key]</key>
  4. </apps>
  5. </ec>
  1. Save the file and place it under [Web Server Location]\plugins\ConnectorForESRIMap\WEB-INF\xml\config.
  2. Restart the web server.


Hope it helps!

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 This post was copied from this TN:

Shapefile/kml repository

Hello there!

I don’t know if you guys know, but it is possible to use a shapefile or kml file for Esri maps in MicroStrategy.

Here is a good tip… You can download a lot of shapefile files and kml files to work with your maps at:

Hope it helps!

God bless you!