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Converting to String with Patterns

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Quick tip today: How to convert a value to String in a derived metric, for example, using patterns.

Let’s say that you have a date and you want to convert it to a string and get only the Month name with 3 chars. You just need to:

ToString<Pattern=mmm>([Date Attribute])

Get day with 2 numbers:

ToString<Pattern=dd>([Date Attribute]),

Get year with 4 numbers:

ToString<Pattern=yyyy>([Date Attribute])

Convert the value to 0,000 pattern:

ToString<Pattern=”0,000″>([Value metric])


You can play around with these Patterns to convert your attributes/metrics to a string using a specific format.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

How to migrate objects without Object Manager

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Today a quick tip: how to migrate objects without using Object Manager.

To do that, you need to create an update package.

You will find all information in this link below:

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God bless you!


Hello there,

I’ve been doing a lot os screenings and I have some tips to share with you guys.

People have a lot of experience in MicroStrategy, but when I ask simple things, they just can’t answer them correctly. It’s bad when we have such a great resume but don’t know the basics. So, the first tip is:

1. Study harder

There are a so many good material that can be read for free that explains the basics of MicroStrategy and all terminologies. Spend more time reading those manuals. They are gold.

2. If you don’t know the answer, it’s not bad to say that you don’t know

If you don’t know the answer, you can ask for a hint, maybe you will remember, if not, don’t try to answer with other things or anything else. Go direct to the point, don’t spend too much time answering a question. Sometimes I want to ask more things, but the person simple doesn’t allow me to do, since they don’t stop speaking.

3. Don’t try to learn things while you are in the interview

Another common situation is when I ask a specific thing, the person doesn’t know the answer and ask me how to do it and keep asking examples of it. You are not there to learn, but to be tested. I think it’s ok to ask straight questions, but don’t spend too much time trying to learn new things.

4. Don’t ask for help

Maybe you don’t know, but whispering can be heard… I already caught people asking others if what she said was ok. Please, don’t do that. Don’t ask the questions to someone else.

Please, let me know what are your thoughts about that. Do you have some tips? Leave the tips in the comments below.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Data Trends: Linguagem Natural e Mapas 3D no MicroStrategy para otimizar a leitura e visualização de dados

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I’m here to announce that Data Meaning will be presenting two great implementations in the next Microstrategy conference in São Paulo: Natural Language and 3D Maps. This is a great opportunity to see one of the top companies in the world, that works with BI, presenting high quality integrations in Microstrategy.

If you speak portuguese and want to see some great things that Data Meaning has been doing, check out a short description of what you will see at the conference:

Como estender as funcionalidades do MicroStrategy para atender as tendências de mercado?

Poder interagir com a plataforma através de comandos de voz (Natural Language Processing) e visualizar mapas em 3 Dimensões são algumas das funcionalidades que a Data Meaning estará apresentando nesse evento. 

Caio Gouveia, co-founder of Data Meaning Services Group will be presenting both sessions. Check out a little bit of his background:

Caio Gouveia, natural de São Paulo, começou sua carreira na MicroStrategy EUA em 2000 como responsável pelo suporte técnico da América Latina. Em 2004, fundou a Data Meaning, empresa baseada na Florida e especializada em serviços da MicroStrategy. Como parceiro Premium, tem atendido clientes no mundo inteiro e em diversos segmentos. Há dois anos, a Data Meaning foi convidada a criar o design e desenvolvimento do aplicado móvel da MicroStrategy World e vem dando continuidade a mais esta parceria.

I hope seeing you there.

God bless you!