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Rotating font in flash

Hello there!

Have you ever needed to change the orientation of a text to 90º in flash mode? Were you able to make it works?

To do that you just have to set the swf font in your document configuration. Here is a tip of how to do that:

Put the SWF fonts inside SWF folder. Here are the paths:


<Microstrategy Installation Folder>\Web ASPx\swf

In Tomcat:

<Tomcat Installation Folder>\webapps\MicroStrategy\swf

In Intelligence Server:

<Microstrategy Installation Driver>\Common Files\MicroStrategy\swf

Here are some fonts that you can Download:  Arial, Tahoma and Verdana.

After that, open Developer/Desktop (you can also do it in Web if you want) -> File -> Page Setup -> Flash -> Type:

../swf/Arial.swf in Fonts -> Embed the following fonts:




Now, when you rotate your font, that should work on Flash.


Hope it helps.
GOD bless you.