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Automatic/Manual Mapping while adding new Table

Hello there!

Adding new tables to a project could be a problem in terms of attribute mapping. Sometimes you have a column with the same name in older imported tables and when you add new a table, MicroStrategy will automatic map that column to an already created attribute.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s think that we added a table called “LU_TIME_SALES” and we have a column named as “YEAR” in this table.

We create an attribute pointing to that YEAR column from LU_TIME_SALES.

Now, we want to add a new table called “LU_TIME_INVENTORY” and we also have a column named as “YEAR“. But, now you don’t want to map that column to the previous YEAR attribute,  we want to create another attribute, because this is a different subject. Inventory is different from Sales, so you need to map those years in different attributes.

Every time you add a new table, MicroStrategy will search for every attribute in your project, to see if anyone has a column with the same name of the columns of our new table. If the answer is yes, it will automatic map that table as source for your matching attributes.

If it is what you want, that’s awesome. But sometimes (every time for me), you don’t want that.

To change this behavior you have to do a simple thing:

1. Open your project;

2. Go to Schema -> Warehouse Catalog -> Option -> Schema -> Automatic Mapping -> Choose: Do not map schema objects to the new tables. Just like the images below:






That’s it. When you add new tables in your project, MicroStrategy won’t add that table as source for your attributes.

Hope it helps.


God bless you.