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MicroStrategy Dataset Connector

Hello there,

Microstrategy has a nice article showing how to fetch reports or cubes from another project or environment.

If you want to take a look at the article, please refer to the link below:

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Transfering projects

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about how to transfer your project to different servers.

There are two ways to do that:

First way) You need to create the source and destination project source in MicroStrategy Desktop/Developer.

You can do that by opening MicroStrategy Desktop/Developer, clicking on Tools -> Project Source Manager -> Add



And then, add the source server and add the destination server.

You can do that using 3-tier or 2-tier, is up to you.

Then, go to Schema -> Duplicate Project


MicroStrategy will ask you the source connection and which project do you want to transfer, and then, it will ask you the destination server.

You need to provide the Administrator user to do that.




Give the name to the destination project name:


Choose the languages that you want to transfer to the destination.


In the window below, you have to take care! Read every option before hit the next button. One option that I usually uncheck is the users and groups to copy. I never intent to transfer the users from my source to my destination, so in that case, just select NONE in Users and groups to copy.


Also, read all options in this windows to make sure you really want that. I usually don’t do nothing on this window.


And the next windows is going to ask you about the logs. Change the directory to one that you can write. Sometimes we can some errors because your windows/unix user don’t have permission to save files on that default directory.


And then, hit the finish button. Wait a little bit to complete, and you will have the project transfered to your destination.

Second way) In the case that you can’t reach the destination server.You can create a mdb file, for example, create the DSN to this mdb file, create a Metadata shell and create a 2-tier connection to this database in MicroStrategy Desktop/Developer. Please refer to the First way to know how to add a new connection.

Then, proceed exactly how I explained to you in the Fist way, but at the end, you will have your project inside that mdb file. Then, go to your destination server, create a 2-tier connection to this mdb file and duplicate the project that is inside this database to your destination server.

So, reviewing it:

1. Create an empty mdb file or an empty database in SQL Server, Oracle, etc…
Go to configuration wizard and create a new Metadata shell for the mdb file.

2. Create a DSN connection to this database;

3. Create a 2-tier connection to this database;

4. Use this 2-tier database to be the destination of your duplicated project;

5. Copy and paste this database to the server that you want to receive this project;

6. Create a DSN connection to this database;

7. Create a 2-tier connection to this database and duplicate the project to your server;

That’s it.

Hope it helps!

God bless you!