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Custom back button for MicroStrategy Web

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about how to create a back button in a MicroStrategy Web.

That’s pretty easy, just do that:

1. Create a new document;

2. Insert an HTML Container and paste this tag:

<a href=”javascript:history.go(-1)”>Back</a>


Just run your document and click on this link. You will go back to the previous page that you were visiting.

Tip: You can also you images to create this link.

Hope it helps!

God bless you!

Microstrategy Mobile Manual Back Button

Hello there!

URL API can do a lot of cool things in Web and even in Mobile environment. One of that is the possibility to create a manual back button that goes to the last report/document that the user was executing.

That’s a very easy thing to do, just:

1. Create text, right click on it and choose “Edit Links…” option.

2. In Navigate to this URL, type:


That’s it. Now you can go back to the previous report/document using this object.

You can use this feature in every object that is able to use Hyperlinks.

I hope it helps.

God bless you.