7 Exciting Mobile BI Announcements in MicroStrategy World 2014 – Barcelona

Hello there! Len O'Toole wrote another excellent post about some exciting news for¬†MicroStrategy Mobile announced in MicroStrategy World 2014 - Barcelona. Here is what he wrote: TRANSACTION SERVICES One key differentiation between MicroStrategy and other vendors is their absolutely fantastic Mobile BI tool-set. One of these key features is Transaction services. This year, Hugh Owen... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Announcements in MicroStrategy World – Barcelona 2014 by Len OToole

Hello there! Today I am just copying and pasting what my Len O'Toole¬†told in his Linkedin account. He wrote wonderfully about his most exciting announcements in MicroStrategy World Barcelona 2014. He writes a lot of good stuff, I encourage you to read his feed from his Linkedin account. So, here is what he wrote:  ... Continue Reading →

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