Performance on Dashboards

Hello there! There are 2 very good TNs that talks about performance on dashboards. I'm sharing those with you guys. Below are the links:   Hope it helps! God bless you!

Exporting documents without Object Manager

Hello there! Today let's talk about how to export a document without Object Manager. Exporting documents using Developer is very good in cases that you have different datasets in the destination project. When you export the template, you will be able to map a different dataset for each previous dataset that you had before. To do that you... Continue Reading →

How to monitor Document data preparation

Hello there! Today I'm going to teach you how to monitor document data preparation. This is a good thing to troubleshoot document performance. To do that, you just have to: 1.Open MicroStrategy Diagnostics and Performance logging You can find it in Start > Programs > MicroStrategy > Tools 2. Choose CastorServer instance: 3. Go to Performance Configuration 3. Enable these... Continue Reading →

Creating a Preview of your Links Using HTML Container

Hello there! Today I'm going to talk about a cool features that works on Web using Interactive mode: Css tooltip on links! To do that you have to: 1. Create a screenshot of your dashboard/report and make the image small as possible. Tips to take a screenshot: If you use Windows, you can use snippingtool: Open start menu ->... Continue Reading →

Splitting attribute element into different sheets in Excel

Hi there, today I'm going to talk about splitting in different sheets your attribute elements when you export your document to MS Excel. To do this trick, you just need to: 1. Add your attribute in the Grouping area like image 1 below: 2. Right click on the attribute and choose Grouping Properties... 3. Check Sheet break between groups  ... Continue Reading →

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