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Hiding menu options in a document

Hello there,

Have you ever wanted to hide a specific item from the document menu so the users won’t be able to use a specific feature? Some of the options can be removed at a user level, but what if you want to remove for a specific dashboard?

To do that, we can use a custom CSS code. In our example we will be removing the Export option. Let’s go!

  1. Open the document in web and add a HTML container to your document;
  2. Click on on the HTML container -> properties and formatting -> select HTML TEXT from the general menu;
  3. Double click on the HTML container and type this code:

<style type=”text/css”> .mstrmojo-Popup.mstrShortcutsListPopup .export, .mstrmojo-Popup.mstrShortcutsListPopup .zoom{display:none !important;}</style>

Voilà! The export button is no longer there.

If you want to remove other buttons, you just need to add the classes for the button inside of the <style> </style> tags and make sure to use the display:none !important.

To get the classes for the other buttons, you just need to use Chrome, for example, and inspect the button to get the classes.

Please, let you know if you need help inspecting elements.

God bless you!

Adding Outline mode to a Document in DHTML mode

Hello there!

My friend Edmar Machado sent me a cool hack to enable Outline mode in documents using Interactive Mode!

To make it works, you just have to:

1-  Edit the file styleCatalog.xml in Microstrategy Web:

For IIS: C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroStrategy\Web-Inf\XML\styleCatalog.xml

For Tomcat: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\MicroStrategy\WEB-INF\xml

Note that this is the default installation folder. You might have installed in a different folder.

2- Search for the style ReportOutlineModeStyle_forRW 

3- Inside this style, look for staticOutlineMode

4- Change the value parameter to False

<Style description="Style: Display Grid in outline mode within RWD"
 name="ReportOutlineModeStyle_forRW" transform="ReportOutlineModeTransform">
 <ActualParameter name="iframeEnabled" type="4"
 value="true" />
 <ActualParameter name="generateJSForDrillCheckBoxesForIncFetch"
 type="4" value="false" />
 <ActualParameter name="staticOutlineMode" type="4"
 value="false" />
 <ActualParameter name="showDescriptionAsTooltip"
 type="2" source="preference" value="showDescriptionAsTooltip" />
 <ActualParameter name="showSubtitle" type="1"
 source="preference" value="showSubtitle" />
 <ActualParameter name="useImagesForOutlineMode"
 type="4" source="preference" value="useImagesForOutlineMode" />
 <ActualParameter name="contextMenus" type="1"
 value="/WEB-INF/xml/config/reportCellContextMenus.xml" />
 <ActualParameter name="drillRetainParent" type="1"
 source="preference" value="drillRetainParent" />
 <ActualParameter name="drillRetainThresholds" type="1"
 source="preference" value="drillRetainThresholds" />
 <ActualParameter name="advancedDrillingContextMenuDisplay"
 type="2" value="2" />
 <ActualParameter name="sortSetNamesAndDrillPaths"
 type="4" source="preference" value="sortSetNamesAndDrillPaths" />
 <ActualParameter name="groupContextMenuDrillPathsByType"
 type="4" source="preference" value="groupContextMenuDrillPathsByType" />
 <Layout layout_source="AppLayoutSourceFile" order="1"><![CDATA[/WEB-INF/xml/layouts/ReportGridOnlyLayout.xml]]></Layout>

5- Restart your Web Server

Now you will be able to use Outline in Interactive mode!



Hope it helps!
God bless you!

Splitting attribute element into different sheets in Excel

Hi there, today I’m going to talk about splitting in different sheets your attribute elements when you export your document to MS Excel.

To do this trick, you just need to:

1. Add your attribute in the Grouping area like image 1 below:

Image 1

Image 1

2. Right click on the attribute and choose Grouping Properties


3. Check Sheet break between groups


4. Export to Excel and choose Expand Page-by


When you open in excel you will get something like this:


Each element has one sheet in the exported excel file.

I hope it helps you!

God bless you.