Exporting the document with the current selections

Hello there, Today┬áI'll explain how to export the current document with the current selections. To export to PDF, you just have to create a hyperlink using: ASPx: Main.aspx?evt=3069&src=Main.aspx.3069&executionMode=3&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID} JSP: mstrWeb?evt=3069&src=mstrWeb.3069&executionMode=3&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID}   To export to Excel, you just have to use these urls: ASPx: Main.aspx?evt=3069&src=Main.aspx.3069&executionMode=4&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID} JSP: mstrWeb?evt=3069&src=mstrWeb.3069&executionMode=4&messageID={&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID}   Hope it helps! God bless you!

Displaying images in exported documents using relative path

Hello there! I don't know if you guys have some issues with images not appearing when exporting a document that contains a relative path for the image (./images/nameOfTheImage.jpg). To make it works you have to save your image in specific folders. Those folders are:   For PDF export from Web, save the image in your... Continue Reading →

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