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Disable export option for Grid/Graph in Flash mode

Hello there!

Today let’s talk a quick tip about the export options that appears when you mouse over a grid/graph while in flash mode.


To remove those options, you just have to:

1. Open your flash document in MicroStrategy Web;

2. Right click on the desired grid/graph and click on Properties and Formattin… option;

3. In General just change the “Show export options on title bar” option to No


Now you won’t see the export button when you mouse over the graph.

Hope it helps!

God bless you!

Rotating font in flash

Hello there!

Have you ever needed to change the orientation of a text to 90º in flash mode? Were you able to make it works?

To do that you just have to set the swf font in your document configuration. Here is a tip of how to do that:

Put the SWF fonts inside SWF folder. Here are the paths:


<Microstrategy Installation Folder>\Web ASPx\swf

In Tomcat:

<Tomcat Installation Folder>\webapps\MicroStrategy\swf

In Intelligence Server:

<Microstrategy Installation Driver>\Common Files\MicroStrategy\swf

Here are some fonts that you can Download:  Arial, Tahoma and Verdana.


After that, open Developer/Desktop (you can also do it in Web if you want) -> File -> Page Setup -> Flash -> Type:

../swf/Arial.swf in Fonts -> Embed the following fonts:




Now, when you rotate your font, that should work on Flash.


Hope it helps.
GOD bless you.