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Changing the value format of several metrics at the same time

Hello there,

Have you ever needed to change the formatting of several metrics to Percentage, for example? It’s a tedious process and it can be painful.

Hopefully there is a way to change them all with just a few clicks:

  1. Go to MSTR Developer;
  2. Click on Tools -> Find and Replace…
  3. Select “Metric formatting”
  4. Select the metrics using the search
  5. Click Update Summary
  6. Check: Set the formatting properties individually
  7. Check Metric Values
  8. Click Formatting
  9. Format your metrics accordingly

Hope it helps.

God bless you

Converting seconds to time format

Hello there,

Today let’s talk about a quick tip: how to transform seconds to hh:mm or even hh:mm:ss.

You just have to:

  1. Create a new metric using your seconds metric and divide it by 86400.

Example of the formula would be: [metric with seconds] / 86400

2. Format the number to be like [h]:mm or [h]:mm:ss


That’s it. You will now see your seconds in a time format.

Hope it helps!

God bless you!