Custom Tooltips in Graphs

Hello there! Today I'm going to show how to change tooltips in graphs. You just need to: 1. Edit your graph; 2. Go to Series; 3. In "Show Tooltip (Web only)" field choose one of those options below: {&TOOLTIP} - All values {&GROUPLABEL} - Attribute's information. {&SERIESLABEL} - Metric's information. {&VALUE} - Value of the point. {&XVALUE} -... Continue Reading →

How to change the default messages for blank rows in grid/graphs

Hello there! Today I'm going to show you have to change the default blank message: No data returned for this view. This might be because the applied filter excludes all data. You just have to: 1. Go to Desktop/Developer; 2. Log using Administrator; 3. Right click on the project and go to Project Configuration 4. Go... Continue Reading →

Changing the default formatting for Graphs

Hi there! Today let's talk about changing the default formatting of your graphs! Everybody knows that is almost impossible to use the default formatting of MicroStrategy Graph. You always have to change the colors, fonts, sizes, number format, and so on. So, if you use 5 times the horizontal bar graph, you have to format... Continue Reading →

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