Link to different reports in a grid/graph

Hello there! Today I'm going to talk about how to link to different reports/documents using the same grid/graph without any intervention from the user. As you may know, when you create a link to a report/document in a grid/graph you can specify more than one hyperlink. But, when the user clicks on a specific item, it shows …

Using HTML TAG In Attribute Form with ‘a’ tag

Hello there! Today let's talk how to insert HTML TAG in Attribute forms, more specific for links. I've created a YouTube video to try to explain this feature. The HTML TAG used in this video is: ApplySimple("'<a href=' + #0 + ' target=_blank>' + #0 + '</a>'"; [CATEGORY_DESC]) Hope you enjoy it! God bless you!

Creating Link in Android

Hello there! Today let's talk about a quick tip: Creating links for MicroStrategy Mobile in Android. Sometimes when you want to open a report/document using a link in Android it doesn't works. For Android, you have to use the link like this: ./mstrWeb?Server={&SERVERNAME}&projectID=IDPROJECT&Port=0&evt=2048001&src=mstrWeb.2048001& visMode=0&documentID=DOCUMENTID&currentViewMedia=2048 Hope it helps.   God bless you!