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Creating a shell script to manage the IS service

Hello there,

Today a quick tip that can help to manage the IS if it is down.

To do that, just create a new file .sh with these lines:

output=`/opt/MicroStrategy/bin/mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer gs` #use your path

if [ `echo $output | grep -c “run” ` -gt 0 ]; then check=1; else check=0; fi
if [ $check -eq 0 ]; then
if [ `echo $output | grep -c “stopped” ` -gt 0 ] || [ `echo $output | grep -c “terminated” ` -gt 0 ]; then
/opt/MicroStrategy/bin/mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start #use your path

Save the file and make sure to change it to an executable file:

chmod +x filename.sh

Where filename is the name that you used above.

Now, make sure to schedule it using crontab or other scheduler tool.

Hope it helps

God bless you

Creating alias for commonly used command lines in Unix

Hello there,

Today another quick tip. If you are like me that is typing the same shell command over and over, there is a way to create alias so it will make your lifer easier.

Let’s say that you have to start the Intelligence Server every day… (for some reason). To do that you would have to type this command:

$ ./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start

But, you can create an alias for that and instead of writing that line, you can just type: startI

To do that, you just have to:

  1. Open your shell in Unix
  2. Type: alias startI=’./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start’

Now, just type: startI and it will be translate into the start command shown above.

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Performance in Unix

Hello there!

Here is a compiled list of all good TNs to troubleshooting performance issues in Unix environments:




Hope it helps!

God bless you!

List of commands in Unix to open MicroStrategy tools

Hello there!

Below you will find a list to open MicroStrategy Tools in MicroStrategy Universal (Unix):

Please notice that you need to open your “<HOME_PATH>/bin” to find these files: 

MicroStrategy Command Manager – mstrcmdmgrw
MicroStrategy Configuration Wizardmstrcfgwiz
MicroStrategy Connectivity Configuration Wizardmstrconnectwiz
MicroStrategy DB Query Toolmstrdbquerytool
MicroStrategy Diagnostics and Performance Loggingmstrdiag
MicroStrategy Health Center Configuration Wizardmstrsuppappcfgwiz
MicroStrategy Health Center Center Consolemstrsuppappgui
MicroStrategy License Managermstrlicmgr
MicroStrategy ODBC Administratormstrodbcadx
MicroStrategy Service Managermstrsvcmgr


Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Enable Metric Logs for Linux using Command Line

Hello there!

Here is a quick tip to enable the MetricLogs required for using the Cube Advisor in Linux using command line.

Just go to the folder where is the mstrctl installed and type these lines:

 ./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer ssc
    <log_destination n="MetricLevels" tp="3" max_size="2048" callstack_message_ids=""/>
 ./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer ssc
   <logger n="Dynamic Sourcing">
    <dispatcher n="Metric Levels Log">
     <log_destination n="MetricLevels"/>


And after that, type this line:

./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer gsc >> /tmp/a.txt

Then, restart IS:
./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer stop
./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer start

That's it.

Hope it helps.

God bless you.