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About the new licensing way…

Hello there!

This will going to be a quick post. It is just to inform you about the new licesing way in MicroStrategy.

I have told before that MicroStrategy has changed the way you buy licenses. Now you just have 4 kinds of licenses:

1. MicroStrategy Server

2. MicroStrategy Web

3. MicroStrategy Mobile

4. MicroStrategy Architect


Those are only for buying. You won’t have the same names while configuring your environment.

When you edit groups/users you still have Web Reporter, Web Analyst, etc...

So, those 4 licenses are only used to simplify the purchase, you still have all Web, Desktop, etc, licenses to manage.


Hope it helps!


God bless you!

MicroStrategy Simplifies the Licenses

Hello there!

MicroStrategy has just announced that they have changed the way you buy licenses. MicroStrategy converged 21 licenses in 4!

Now, it is easier to understand user licenses! You don’t need to buy anymore Web Professional, Web Analyst and Web Reporter, for example, you just have to buy MicroStrategy Web. This MicroStrategy Web contains all-in-one (Professional, Analyst and Reporter) together in the same license.

They said that the price of this user is the same of the old Web Reporter. So, you get more for less.

This part was copied from http://www.microstrategy.com/us/press-releases/microstrategy-simplifies-product-packaging-to-enhance-total-customer-experience:

The new packaging focuses on user roles within an enterprise:

  • MicroStrategy Server™ benefits all user roles. It includes a fully-featured server infrastructure designed to connect to multiple data sources, supports all major analytic styles from report distribution to information-driven apps to self-service data discovery, and scales to hundreds of thousands of users. It also includes administration and monitoring tools needed by organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their deployments.
  • MicroStrategy Web™ empowers business users to consume, author, and design analytics through an intuitive web-based interface. Business analysts can use MicroStrategy Web to take advantage of the all-inclusive set of self-service analytic capabilities.
  • MicroStrategy Mobile™, the award-winning, industry-leading interface for Apple iOS and Android devices, is an easy, fast, affordable way to mobilize analytics and information-driven applications to an increasingly mobile and 24 x 7 workforce.
  • MicroStrategy Architect™ provides developers with an extensive set of development, deployment and migration tools needed to efficiently manage the application development lifecycle.

If already have MicroStrategy and use the old kind of users license, you can request (for free) new licenses from MicroStrategy to get those benefits.

There are more things to review, to see all those new things, just refer to this url:

God bless you.