Dropdown with multiple selections

Hello there, Today I'm going to show a hack of  how to allow multiple selections using a dropdown. Felipe César sent me that tip. Thank you, Felipe. I really appreciate that. To create this dropdown you will need to: Create a Dropdown selector as usual; Right click on the selector and select Properties and formatting; Go... Continue Reading →

Performance in Reports (Part II)

Hello there! Today I'm going to talk about the second part of the series "Performance in Reports". If you would like to read the first part just click on this link "Report Performance (Part I)". I believe that nowadays I always see the query that Microstrategy creates when creating a new report. It recommend you to do so. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Changing the default formatting for Graphs

Hi there! Today let's talk about changing the default formatting of your graphs! Everybody knows that is almost impossible to use the default formatting of MicroStrategy Graph. You always have to change the colors, fonts, sizes, number format, and so on. So, if you use 5 times the horizontal bar graph, you have to format... Continue Reading →

Hide permanently the “Metrics” column for MicroStrategy Web

Hello there ! Today let's talk about removing the "Metric" column forever in MicroStrategy Web !!! I always have to remove the extra column (web only) for every grid that I create in MicroStrategy, because I just don't like seeing that there. But sometimes is very boring doing that everytime that I create a new report or grid... Continue Reading →

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