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Dropdown with multiple selections

Hello there,

Today I’m going to show a hack of  how to allow multiple selections using a dropdown.

Felipe César sent me that tip. Thank you, Felipe. I really appreciate that.

To create this dropdown you will need to:

  1. Create a Dropdown selector as usual;
  2. Right click on the selector and select Properties and formatting;
  3. Go the Layout and select from the DHTML style “Listbox” and check “Allow multiple selections”
  4. Go to Theme and select Light Theme
  5. Go back to Layout and select Dropdown
  6. Go back to Theme and select None
  7. Click OK and you will have something like this:

Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Passing multiple selections to prompt

Hello there!

Today let’s talk about how to pass multiple selections to a prompt answer. I don’t know if you already tried to pass multiple values from a checkbox selector, for example, to another document/report, that not possible. You need to use URL API and answer a prompt to accomplish that.

So, to do that, you have to:

1. Create an element prompt in a report (you can create another kinds of prompt, if you want);


2. Create a non-prompt report;


3. Create a document using the non-prompt report;


4. Create a multiple selector using the check box selector, for example;


5. Create a panel stack and insert an html container inside of it;



6. Save your document and open it in MicroStrategy Web in Interactive Mode;


I always remove the title bar to help the next step. To do that, just edit the selector and in General tab, uncheck the Show title bar option:


7. Get the ID of the <span> tag. To do that, I prefer Firefox or Chrome browser. You just have to right click on the check box selector, select INSPECT ELEMENT and look for it’s <span> tag and copy the ID.

There is a pattern, first a <span> then a <div> and then a <div>, just like the image below:


In that case, the ID is K46.

<span id="K46" ty="obj" rl="3" sec="-1" name="K46" class="K46" slid="0" sty="111" sos="-1">

8. Get the link of your report/document with the prompt;

Just right click on the report/document that has the report prompt, click on Share and click on Show link. Copy that link.

pic1- pic11

In my case the link is:


9. Copy the link and insert one of the parameters below at the end of your link:




10. The link should be like this:

http://FELIPE/MicroStrategy/asp/Main.aspx?evt=4001&src=Main.aspx.4001&reportID=1A8E595D4A765687E8DA5484F7EAFCFF&visMode=0&reportViewMode=1&server=FELIPE&Project=MicroStrategy%20Tutorial&port=0&share=1&elementsPromptAnswers={&[Call Center]@GUID};{&CurrentSelectionElementID:K46&}



To get the ID of the attribute, just go to Developer/Desktop -> Right click on the attribute -> Properties and copy the ID value:


11. Now just insert an <a> tag to your link like this:

<a href=”http://FELIPE/MicroStrategy/asp/Main.aspx?evt=4001&src=Main.aspx.4001&reportID=1A8E595D4A765687E8DA5484F7EAFCFF&visMode=0&reportViewMode=1&server=FELIPE&Project=MicroStrategy%20Tutorial&port=0&share=1&elementsPromptAnswers=8D679D3511D3E4981000E787EC6DE8A4;{&CurrentSelectionElementID:K46&}target=’_blank’>Link</a>


target=’_blank’  – is responsible to open this link in a new window. If you don’t need that, just remove this parameter.

Link – Is the name that is going to be displayed in your HTML Container.

12. Double click on your HTML Container and paste the link with the <a> tag;


12. Run your dashboad in interactive mode, for example, and choose more than one element in the selector.  Click on the link!


Your report should be like this:



Hope it helps!

God bless you!