Performance on Dashboards

Hello there! There are 2 very good TNs that talks about performance on dashboards. I'm sharing those with you guys. Below are the links:   Hope it helps! God bless you!

Report Performance Tips

Hello there, I was searching for report performance and I found a nice post in this url: The user Omar V wrote some tips to help improving the report performance that you should try and see if those VLDB settings works for you. Hope it helps! God bless you

Performance in Unix

Hello there! Here is a compiled list of all good TNs to troubleshooting performance issues in Unix environments: Hope it helps! God bless you!

Improving responsiveness of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.4.x in a cluster

Hello there! Microstrategy has released an excellent TN about performance in cluster environments. To read about it, just use this link below: Hope it helps!   God bless you!

Performance in Reports (Part III)

Hello there! Today I'm going to talk about a simple technique to reduce the amount of cache used in your project. As you may know, Microstrategy is able to cache the reports to run it much faster than normal. It's stored in memory ram and disk. So, it reduces the amount of space of your Hard …