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Adding a Long Prompt option

Hello there,

Do you know that we have a Long prompt option for the Value prompt? Yes, we have it, but it’s hidden. Today let’s show you how to enable this prompt.

You just have to:

  1. Open MicroStrategy Developer;
  2. Go to Tools -> My Preferences -> General -> Prompts -> Check “Add long prompts to the list of available value prompts”

Now when you create a new prompt and select Value Prompt, you will have this new option:

Hope it helps.

God bless you

Creating a dynamic constant metric using prompts

Hello there,

Sometimes we need to create a constant to compare some numbers with this constants.



And in this case, this constant can be changed by the user.

To create a dynamic constant you can use this simple example:

  1. Create a numeric prompt and name it as promptTest
  2. Create a derived metric as Constant Metric in your report like:Max(?[promptTest]) {~+}
  3. Create the case metric like this: case(profit < [Constant Metric], 1,0)

Now you have a dynamic constant prompt metric.

I hope it helps.

God bless you

Change the default behavior in prompt search

Hello there!

Here is a tip of a great friend called Rafael Gourlart.

By default, a space between words in a prompt search is interpreted as a logical ‘OR’ in MicroStrategy Web. This behavior be changed to use ‘AND’ instead.

For example, if you are trying to search for “FelipeVilela” a possible result would be:


Now, if you change to “And”:



To change from “OR” to “AND” you just have to:

1.In the FilterValidation.properties file under WEB-INF\classes\resources, set the elementSearchBehavior parameter to ‘2’, and restart the MicroStrategy Web.


That’s it.


Hope it helps.

God bless you.