Using NMON to obtain system performance info in AIX and Linux SO

Hello there! There is an excellent TN about how to use NMON in Unix SOs to get precious system performance info. The link is below: I've just copied the entire tex to here, if you don't have access to this TN page: When troubleshooting MicroStrategy Intelligence Server performance issues, it is often helpful to... Continue Reading →

Enable Metric Logs for Linux using Command Line

Hello there! Here is a quick tip to enable the MetricLogs required for using the Cube Advisor in Linux using command line. Just go to the folder where is the mstrctl installed and type these lines:  ./mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer ssc <configuration>   <log_destinations>     <log_destination n="MetricLevels" tp="3" max_size="2048" callstack_message_ids=""/>   </log_destinations> </configuration>    ./mstrctl -s... Continue Reading →

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