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Subtotal on top in VI 10

Hello there,

Today let’s talk about a quick tip: “How to move the grid subtotal to top in Visual Insight 10”.

In version 9.x we couldn’t display the subtotal on top but in version 10 it is quite simple.

To change the subtotal position you just have to:

  1. Click on the header of a column and select Subtotal. Choose the proper subtotal that fits your needs;
  2. Scroll the grid all the way down until you see the total and then right click on it and select “Move to top”;




I hope it helps.

God bless you!

Adding D3 graphs to Visual Insight 10

Hello there!

If you want to import a D3 in MicroStrategy, you can follow the steps that are presented in this link below:


It is pretty easy to download an existing D3 graph and use in Visual Insight 10.

Just let me know if you had any issues.

God bless you!

Performance Counter

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Today I’m going to say less and show more.

You can enable performance counter to see if you have any performance issues in your environment.

There are one post from MicroStrategy that helps you to enable those logs. Here is the link:


There are two posts about the recommended settings for those logs. Here they are:

For Unix:


For Windows:


The link below shows you how to import the created file to Visual Insight (using MicroStrategy Analytics Express, but you can use your own Visual Insight installation (Desktop or Enterprise)) and analyze the log data:


Hope it helps.

God bless you!

Workshop Visual Insight

Hello there!

We are please to offer you are Visual Insight Workshop in English!

If you would like to see more information, topics and/or subscribe for this workshop, please refer to this link below:

Visual Insight – English


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